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Safety Features

pediatric equipment

We recognize the importance of safety, especially in a healthcare environment. We have made every effort to make our products completely safe. We have chosen materials, fasteners, wheels, and assembly techniques that we believe will lead to the safe use of the products that we manufacture.

Each Wunderwagon - HC model meets or exceeds all of the requirements of the voluntary United States safety guidelines ASTM F963a.

Safety Features of Wunderwagon - HC:
Features that have been incorporated to improve safety and usability include:

  • A three-point safety belt to keep the occupant safe and secure, including three Velcro closures for quick and easy belt replacement.
  • All Wunderwagon - HC edges that may be subjected to touch, by either occupant or caregiver, are rounded and provide a comfortable soft feel.
  • Extra-long handle for comfortable pulling; handle folds under the Wunderwagon - HC for easy storage.
  • Tight turns can be made effortlessly with the combination of two large 5 wheels in back and commercial-grade casters in front. This wheel arrangement, along with the low seat height makes the Wunderwagon - HC highly stable and virtually tip-proof.

3-Point Safety Belt
Round Smooth Edges
Long Handle