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Special Edition Wunderwagon - HC Butterfly

Wunderwagon - HC Butterfly

Wunderworks of America is proud to introduce the first Special Edition Wunderwagon - HC Pediatric Wagon . This Special Editon wagon will be manufactured in limited quantities through 2013.

The Special Edition Wunderwagon - HC Butterfly is sure to bring smiles to children and adults alike. In today's healthcare environment, the commitment to adapting medical care for all generations of patients, even the smallest children, is a priority. Providing wagons gives children a safe, familiar means of transportation within a hospital.

With their bright colors and pleasant designs, the Wunderwagon - HC Butterfly was created specifically for use in healthcare settings. Its child-friendly components and eco-conscious materials allow children and their caregivers some semblance of normalcy and comfort while navigating through their hospital stay or visit.

Product Features

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