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Wunderwagon - GS

Wunderwagon - GS

Wunderworks of America is proud to introduce our newest line - the Wunderwagon - GS .

The Wunderwagon - GS , available in the same 10 animal variations as the Wunderwagon - HC line, gives you one more option in patient transportation.

The Wunderwagon - GS offers all of the same benefits and features as the Wunderwagon - HC, but is configured with a push-style handle. This healthcare specific pediatric wagon has been designed to provide children a safe, comfortable, and familiar means of transportation within a hospital. The Wunderwagon - GS includes the following unique features:

  • Push handle makes Wunderwagon -GS easy to maneuver.
  • Push handle allows you to watch your passenger at all times.
  • Push handle includes cupholders and hooks.
  • Size and shape of Wunderwagon -GS discourages theft.

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